At its core, a full-funnel marketing strategy comprises four key stages: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, and Retention.

  • Awareness: Think exposure via inbound marketing — catching potential customers off guard. It’s about planting seeds and making your brand top of mind. Utilize social media, or other channels to entertain and introduce your brand.
  • Consideration: This is the phase where potential customers evaluate your product. They realize a need or want, exploring options. Ensure your brand stands out during this research phase through targeted ads and engaging content.
  • Purchase: Once in the purchase phase, customers are ready to buy. Factors like good customer service, fulfillment, pricing, and quality become crucial. The aim is to facilitate a smooth transaction and convert the consideration into a purchase.
  • Retention: After purchase, retaining customers is key. Focus on factors like product quality, brand authority, convenience, pricing, and excellent customer service. Loyalty incentives, subscription offers, and retargeting campaigns play a vital role in keeping customers engaged.

Building a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy:

Let’s apply these concepts to Amazon:

1. Awareness Stage:

  • Leverage audience targeting with product related interests.
  • Utilize DSP (Demand-Side Platform) for granular targeting based on your product interests.
  • Invest in visually appealing creatives to grab attention.

2. Consideration Stage:

  • Target high-traffic keywords for your product.
  • Optimize product listings for conversion with detailed information.
  • Employ DSP ads for more visibility on Amazon platforms.

3. Purchase Stage:

  • Dominate relevant search terms
  • Utilize multiple sponsored product placements with engaging creatives.
  • Ensure brand authority is evident on search result pages.

4. Retention Stage:

  • Implement retargeting ads showcasing other flavors or products.
  • Explore upselling opportunities on the product page.
  • Introduce subscribe-and-save offers to encourage loyalty.


  • Awareness: Product targeting, audience targeting, and engaging video ads.
  • Consideration: Targeting high-relevance keywords, strong product listings, and DSP for added visibility.
  • Purchase: Dominate specific search terms, employ multiple sponsored placements, and showcase brand authority.
  • Retention: Retargeting, upselling, and loyalty incentives to keep customers engaged.


Crafting a successful e-commerce journey involves mastering the full-funnel marketing strategy. By strategically navigating each stage, from creating awareness to retaining loyal customers, brands can unlock sustained success.

If you have questions or need guidance, drop a comment or book a call. Here’s to your e-commerce success!